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What We Offer

Orange offers versatile research and development solutions to businesses and the public sector by combining academic research knowledge and product development know-how through an innovation-oriented approach concentrated on sustainability.


Our Approach

We aim to help organizations outsource their most rigorous scientific research projects in a timely, target-oriented, and cost-effective fashion. In addition, we help our clients develop a sustainable and innovative product during all life cycle stages, from idea generation and prototyping to validation and market launch.


Area of Focus

We have focused our R&D outsourcing services on initiatives and projects that aim to design a sustainable future in land, cities, industries, and climate. Clean technology requires a multidisciplinary approach, so we support collaboration between engineers and scientists from different disciplines.

Starting Point

The practice of outsourcing R&D is becoming increasingly popular among corporations. In many cases, outsourcing research and development (R&D) is seen as a means of acquiring external technological knowledge that can be incorporated into a firm’s knowledge base later on.

Our Solution

By considering the pains and gains of outsourcing research and development, we strive to design and deliver innovative multidisciplinary research solutions. Our core solutions are as follows:

  • Managing collaborative research and development projects
  • Integrating multicultural and multidisciplinary research and development teams
  • Balancing the view on profitability and the view on productivity
  • Facilitating the design and production of prototypes

Our Services

Providing services in the R&D pathway requires inventing new ways to meet unique demands. Throughout our solution’s development, we have proposed these services to our clients:

  • Outsourcing Research and Development Services
  • New Product Development Services
  • Prototyping, Test, and Validation Services
  • Facilitating R&D Collaboration and Joint R&D Services
  • Research Performance Monitoring Services
  • Research Projects Integrity and Governance Services
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control Services

Our Advantages

Technological development is so rapid that no single firm can handle all the necessary development in-house, so new products are increasingly being developed in networks of specialized firms. Research and development outsourcing can save enterprises money on facilities and equipment for research. It is also possible to access advanced technologies by outsourcing R&D processes. Outsourcing R&D will bring you definite advantages:

Enhance Organizational Efficiency: Integrate sourcing, contracts, and payment processing into a single strategic supplier relationship. Streamline outsourcing research and development operations with the industry’s leading platform.
Boost scientific productivity: Through our dedicated team of associate researchers, we help R&D departments save time by removing administrative delays related to outsourcing and enhancing competition to substantially reduce costs.
Increasing access to innovation: Outsourcing R&D is an essential determinant of innovation performance. Clients can instantly find and order cutting-edge technologies and services through a single contract that protects your company’s IP and confidentiality.

In addition, surveys show that business leaders see several benefits in outsourcing R&D:

Outsourcing firms have more expertise
Often, businesses lack manpower
Cost of outsourcing R&D can be lower
Thus, it can speed up the market reach process

Toward Sustainability-Oriented R&D

Collaborating with many scientific researchers and product developers around sustainability challenges and problems is an honor!

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