A new generation of modern greenhouses; focused on isolated vertical farming.

Development Stage: Final product developed

Industry: Farming

Farming using BOX vertical greenhouses

BOX is based on the hydroponics method, making it possible to grow plants without soil in nutrient solutions.

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BOX develops a new generation of farming technology in modern greenhouses focused on vertical farming in isolated spaces. The startup aims to meet the challenges of conventional agriculture and the growing needs of communities for healthy, safe, and quality food. It has developed hydroponics farming in a completely isolated environment by modern lighting systems, water supply, salinity, and climate setting.

This startup provides investing in a new form of vertical farming in an isolated space, away from worries such as the intensity and amount of sunlight, seasonal changes, snowfall, or even environmental factors like wind. It also does not need a large area under cultivation. Through the innovative vertical arrangement of hydroponic stacked shelves in BOX technology, each under cultivation square meter area of the greenhouse will become ten times more useful and optimal. Complementary stages, including seedling cultivation space and the packaging of the final product, are also considered in BOX greenhouses. All the planting, growing, harvesting and packaging, and sales processes are provided to the investor as a suggestive comprehensive package.

Growing plants in a fresh, healthy, and native way

BOX is a method of growing crops in vertical layers and levels. Vertical farming has various techniques and forms, from simple systems with wall-mounted or two-shelf racks to large multi-story sheds. This way, we can produce much more food in a much smaller environment.


Lettuce, spinach, and a variety of Mediterranean, miniature, perennial premium vegetables sold in high-profit markets worldwide make up the BOX range of products. Considering the particular need for these high-value products, BOX farming technology provides the possibility of further growth, higher quality, and the capacity to absorb nutrients.

A critical point to consider is that outside the BOX (even in the conventional versions of modern greenhouses), it will be impossible to grow this range of current and valuable vegetables with the same quality as BOX products.

Rate of return

BOX rate of return as a vertical farm is significantly different and has an advantage over on-farm (open field) and conventional greenhouse production. In BOX vertical greenhouse, up to 120 kg of crop yield (i.e., lettuce) per square meter of space (land area) can be produced and harvested with one liter of water consumption per crop.