Functional edible cream for oral health

Development Stage: Product developed

Industry: Food and pharmaceutical industries

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Due to the high prevalence of dental caries and oral diseases in the world and high costs in the oral health sector, the selection of easy and effective methods, with a high acceptability rate by consumers, especially children, along with other forms of oral hygiene, is essential. For this purpose, in some countries, mouthwash, chewing gum, chocolate, and probiotic lozenges are used to prevent tooth decay and gum and mouth diseases. This study aims to produce an edible product, especially with high applicability and acceptance by children using screened probiotic strains suitable against tooth decay bacteria (Streptococcus mutans) and post-antibiotics that are effective in treating oral pests and ulcers and improving oral health. Since the work in the oral probiotics field and its products has not been done on a large scale, it seems that Pastebiotix, as a complete solution will help improve the oral health index. Also, it seems to have a high exchange rate for export.