Pure Probiotix:

Local natural and pure from fecal probiotic strains

Development Stage: Final product developed

Industry: Food and pharmaceutical industries

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Pure Probiotix can be considered as an industrial solution against the tsunami of antibiotic resistance and the daily spread of diseases that endanger the health of the international society. The Pure Probiotix startup is an achievement of a decade of research activity conducted by a team of leading experts in food biotechnology. They have succeeded in developing non-GMO probiotic strain as well as the processes of developing indigenous/local functional foods. The technology in the Pure Probiotix project is a technology for the production of local, solvent, pure, and, non-fecal based probiotic strain furthermore customized for both animal (focusing on livestock, poultry, and fisheries) and human digestive systems especially in form of dairy industry products.

The qualitative and distinctive indicators of this probiotic supplement applicable in the food and pharmaceutical industries are high viability in dairy, non-dairy, and various pharmaceutical products, the long shelf life of these probiotic supplements for more than a year at the freezer temperature, high quality, and a quite competitive price.