Accelerating your Journey From Research & Development To Commercaialization & Innovation

From LabTo Market


We help organizations outsource their most rigorous scientific research projects in a timely, target-oriented, cost-effective fashion.


We help clients develop a product during all life cycle stages, from idea generation and prototyping to validation and market launch.

Commercialization & Innovation

We help academic entrepreneurs commercialize their R&D outcomes, innovate new products and build high-growth companies.

Founded in 2018 and based in the Netherlands, Orange is a science, technology, and innovation management consulting firm focused on building ventures and accelerating business development. With a focus on bridging innovation from the Middle East to Europe, Orange supports companies and startups through world-class services to accelerate life sciences and healthcare initiatives and projects. From lab research and technology development to commercializing and launching new products in the market, we create value across the entire value chain of science, technology, and innovation.

Transform into an Entrepreneur

Prosperity can truly emerge when science-based researches meet economic feasibility, and that is when contributing to the betterment of the world can be rewarded. By closing the gap between science and economy, Orange Accelerator can help turn your research into economic value and your projects to come to fruition.