A Sustainability-Oriented CleanTech Venture Building Program

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Five Times the Return

Our innovation & commercialization program (so-called Orange5x) aims to accelerate the progress of the best-in-class and carefully selected cleantech startups through the stages of their evolution to improve their odds of commercialization success and market entry significantly.

Program Focus

Orange5X program is built around sustainability goals and challenges as well as CleanTech with a particular focus on AgriTech, FoodTech, BioTech, WaterTech, and Energy startups. Our focus on green and clean technologies brings us a wide variety of startups introducing innovative, disruptive, and sustainable products and services covering water, transportation, energy, waste, materials, agriculture, food, and drugs.

Orange5X Key Benefits for Startups:

  • Non-linear and exponential growth
  • Accelerated evolution
  • Customized commercialization support
  • Accelerated learning and skills development
  • Investment readiness improvement
  • Guaranteed capital raise from the first day
  • Access to professional networks
  • Ongoing advice and professional business support

Orange5X Key Benefits for Investors:

  • Minimum 5X investment growth
  • Exponential value creation
  • Risk mitigated and well-diversified investment portfolio
  • Routine access to startup teams and continuous progress reports
  • Milestone-based money deployment through smart contracts

Program Stages

Stage 1

Opportunity Recognition and Filtering

  1. Collecting Applications
  2. Fast-track Commercialization Research
  3. Team Interview and Initial Pitch Sessions
  4. Deep Commercialization Research
  5. Approval and Program Registration

Customer Discovery and MVP Development

  1. Finding problem/solution fit
  2. Building the MVP
  3. Identifying and validating sales funnels
stage 3

Customer Validation and PMF Development

  1. Finding product/market fit
  2. Validating the business model.
  3. Validating the sales and marketing roadmap
stage 4

Strategy Validation and Business Plan Development

  1. Strategy validation
  2. Operational validation
  3. Financial validation

Definition of Opportunity

Orange is looking forward to partnering with venture capital firms, angel investors, or financers to raise capital to execute a six-month venture-building program focused on high-potential CleanTech startups.

This program aims to build new technology-based ventures through successfully commercializing new sustainability-oriented technologies and investments in entrepreneurship opportunities.

Key Players

This program’s three leading stakeholders are venture capitalists and startup teams, in addition to Orange. We have compressed years’ worth of learning by doing insights into a rapid, intense, and immersive commercialization program through the financial support of investors as mutual shareholders.

Investment Plan


During routine acceleration programs, investors can make investments usually on the demo day or literally after the demo day. However, Orange5X program differentiates itself from most of these programs through providing a step-by-step micro-financing of the enrolled startups.
Each startup team will be awarded the required capital they need at a Series A financing stage on the first day of program enrollment. However, this dedicated capital amount will not be deployed or handed over to the teams immediately and they will be invested over the program duration step-by-step and based on their milestone-based progress. This progress will be managed by Orange5X program managers and by meeting each milestone criteria, a specified amount will be invested on the team and their product (or prototypes).
These milestones will be the critical steps on the path of success in commercialization such as prototype development, first MVP, PMF approvals, clinical trials and etc. Meeting each milestone through the collaborative actions and mutual efforts of each startup team and Orange is equal to a significant achievement.
After completion of each milestone and at the gate of kicking off the next phase, a part of awarded capital will be handed over to the team and invested in their venture. Therefore, money deployment will be done only in parallel to building the venture and making investors confident on the future potential commercial value.

It should be noted that investors will get a fairly higher share in the startups in comparison with the post-demo-day investment options. The logic is clear and easy to understand: After the demo-day, the commercial value of the startups is much higher than their value on the acceleration program enrollment day, while their risks of success are also mitigated.


Therefore, investors will get a bigger portion of the shares through participation in Orange5X program in comparison to the routine programs. Although investors may get the feeling of accepting more risk through Orange5X program but they need to keep in mind that commercialization progress will be managed and arranged directly through positive and synergic intervention of Orange professional program managers.


Meanwhile in case of early signs of a team’s inability to achieve commercial success during the program, which will be a very rare situation considering Orange5X precise selection process before the enrollment, Orange will make the decision to exit and drop off the team before dedicating any more capital and efforts. For sure there are times that commercialization success and industry disruption cannot take place due to technological feasibility challenges or business model viability failures and every investor need to accept the risk of taking a part in the disruptive playground of healthcare innovations.


As the last point, investors will participate in the whole acceleration cohort and not only one startup. Therefore, by investing in a large number of startups, the low risk of a specific startup failure will become even lower for the investors. Through Orange’s direct management and investors’ indirect governance and monitoring, they will not put all their eggs in one basket!

Post-acceleration Program Support


During the acceleration programs, founders are under intense pressure to learn quickly, achieve critical milestones, and beat the ticking clock of demo day. But then, suddenly, demo day is done, and the acceleration is over. All the pressure and attention are gone. The sudden switch in pace can be confusing.
By considering this fact and based on our deeply research into failure and success cases around the world, Orange5X takes into account more long term, flexible, collaborative support for startups, with access to facilities, markets and investors

As it’s not all about the capital raising, post Acceleration support of startups is also included as a part of the Orange5X program. This will also maintain peace of mind and a solid guarantee for the investors on an effective and efficient deployments of their investments. Therefore, services that we provide as a part of Orange5X post-acceleration support are as following:

– A collaborative approach for access to facilities, infrastructure, office and lab space
– Ongoing mentoring
– Exclusive board meeting and collaboration on strategic planning
– Connecting startups with large companies
– Market entry and launch support
– Keeping Investors Engaged