Orange Accelerator B.V. is an innovation accelerator (focusing on life GreenTech and CleanTech startups with sustainability missions) and an innovation management consulting company. The mission of Orange Accelerator B.V. is to create value through bridging innovative startups with sustainable solutions from the Middle East research and development side to the European/Global industry and market side. This mission can be accomplished by building networks, exchanging information and knowledge, and teaming up with multinationals to co-develop new sustainability ventures.

We see Orange as a pivotal contributor to the rate of business startup success with the green and clean technology ecosystem. Each year during our acceleration program, we invite a large group of entrepreneurs to our boot camp to provide them with mentoring on sustainability -entrepreneurship, and cleantech-oriented business design.
In a one-month process, we select a smaller group of startups among successful graduates. In addition to providing mentoring, business development, shared workplace, lab infrastructure, and commercialization services, we address the funding gap for startups and information gap for potential investors by acting as network brokers. The latter includes the seed money (initial investment) and marketing of startups’ technology and prototypes to a wide range of international venture capitalists and multi-disciplinary industry players.
Orange Accelerator’s annual acceleration program is designed and oriented based on our extensive research on commercialization success and failure cases to help sustainability entrepreneurs bring their innovative products into the marketplace.

Our roles to carry out the mission:

  • Commercialization strategy formulation and implementation
  • Empowering would-be entrepreneurs on business and management literature and practices
  • Directing and engaging in research and development projects
  • Managing collaborative research and development projects
  • Advising on the industrial research projects
  • Facilitating the design and production of prototypes
  • Providing access to commercialization facilities and infrastructures
  • Seed investments in bio-startups, accelerating the innovation process
  • Networking between industry players and research actors
  • Innovation and technology policymaking
  • Legal support and technology patenting services
  • Empowering and mentoring startup teams
  • Marketing and branding consultancy, seeking capital investment

Areas of Interest

We have focused on sustainability-oriented ventures and CleanTech startups, particularly in:

Clean Water
Clean Energy
Clean Mobility
Carbon Zero
Green Construction