Instant hemostatic agent (specifically for jet bleeding control of deep and surface wounds)

Development Stage: Final product developed

Industry: Hemorrhage control

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BLOOCKAGE is a uniquely effective hemostatic agent in powder form used for treating arterial hemorrhage and different types of bleeding. This agent is based on dried medical-grade chitosan and mineral compound as a composite powder and can be used for accelerating the blood clotting process in surgeries, dialysis, angiography, angioplasty, and treating various injuries in addition to preventing bleeding. BLOOCKAGE is also applicable for heparinized blood to stop bleeding.

Chitosan is a biodegradable, biocompatible, and bioadhesive biopolymer with antibacterial and antifungal properties that can prevent the growth of infection producing bacteria. In this startup, chitin is derived from shrimp shells using multi-alkali treatment to achieve a high degree of deacetylation (DD) and molecular weight. Chitosan powder is very effective in treating various types of bleeding, especially arterial hemorrhage. The effectiveness and safety of BLOOCKAGE as a hemostasis agent with a surgical application is well tested and proved. Results using BLOOCKAGE in different animals showed significant reduction time.