Advanced nano-hydro polymer antibacterial wound care dressings based on nanoparticles of medicinal herbs extracts and vitamin C nano-capsules

Development Stage: Final product developed

Industry: Dermal tissue engineering

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Dara produces advanced hydro polymer wound care dressings fully compatible with the environment and the human body. These antibacterial dressings contain nanoparticles of medicinal herbs extracts and vitamin c nanocapsules to boost the performance and maximize the healing process. These products can be used for first and second degree burns, deep pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, skin grafts, open fractures wounds, repairing skin damage, hand disinfection, and preventing the spread of bacteria.

Unlike the common cotton wound dressings, Dara hydro polymer wound dressings are composed of three-dimensional hydrophilic networks that accelerate the healing process by maintaining the moisture of the injury. These hydro polymer wound patches contain the extracts of medicinal plants and are completely natural with an optimal formulation. Therefore, they provide the best conditions for the recovery of the affected area and do not stick to the wound (due to their moisture). These dressings are formulated for the first time in the world and are used for first or second degree burns, open fracture wounds, skin grafts, bedsores, sunburns, diabetic wounds and other wounds with low and medium exudates.

There are several innovations in this project such as the use of completely natural raw materials, nanoparticles of medicinal plants’ extract to enhance the performance of the formulation, nanocapsules containing vitamin C to maximize the process of healing, and the quality of dressings’ performance.