Virus blocking technology for making any textile or cellulose-based surfaces such as paper or filters antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal

Development Stage: Technology under development

Industry: Medical Textile

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Fendor is an innovative and attractive startup in the field of biochemistry that follows the development of technology to add antiviral and antibacterial properties to cellulose fibers such as fabrics and paper. The development of this empowering technology could be the source of the production of a wide range of innovative products, including a variety of air filters, antiviral clothing, and anti-virus paper. For example, the development of this technology can revolutionize the HEPA filter industry or enable the production of washable (rather than disposable) medical garments with antiviral properties. Fendor’s approach to adding antiviral properties to cellulose fibers is based on the Solution method, which is the binding of antiviral and antibacterial substances to cellulose fiber tissues and cells. In a long development process, Fendor has been able to identify nanoparticles with antiviral and antibacterial properties and then immobilize them on the chemical agents that make cellulose. This startup has already succeeded in achieving the desired results in the laboratory environment and is optimizing the specific results to enter the commercializing stage and is ready to attract investors.