PCL/gelatin blend nanofibrous uni-channel scaffold for the reconstruction of peripheral nerve system

Development Stage: Clinical trials finalized

Industry: Tissue Engineering of the Peripheral Nervous System, Nerve Regeneration, Neural Tissue Engineering,

Generva conduits

Generva provides advanced conduits for peripheral nerve regeneration applicable for any damaged peripheral nerve region.

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Peripheral nerve damage is a worldwide complication that can disrupt the neural connection between sensory and motor nerves between the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral organs and reduce a patient’s quality of life. The primary requirement for the treatment of complete nerve lesions without stress-free repair is the intermediate material and the connection of the two ends of the severed nerve. When it is not possible to connect the two nerve endings, transplantation of the peripheral nerves with the nerve conduits is on the agenda. Problems with other treatments, such as allografts and autografts and immunological reactions, have led researchers to develop more advanced alternatives. One of the most efficient examples of this new approach is biocompatible biodegradable polymer tubes for peripheral nerve regeneration, which is the core of the Generva.


Generva conduits are applicable for any damaged peripheral nerve region. They are suturable, and proximal and distal parts can easily be fixed into the conduits’ ends. Biodegradation rate is in accordance with the nerve reconstruction and it is possible to design samples according to any customized length and diameter. Generva protects the neural environment as a result of its semi-permeable structure that allows diffusion of nutrients and neurotrophic factors into the conduit but provides a barrier to larger cells.

Generva is a combination of synthetic and natural biopolymers with nanofibrous structure and homogenous distribution. These conduits are expected to be completely resorbed in about 3 months after implantation and possessing the unique microstructure provides the possibility of penetration of the biological fluids into the scaffold region within the first few hours of implantation. Generva products’ safety and biocompatibility have been clinically and scientifically proven.




  • Generva guides are designed to bridge distal and proximal parts of the peripheral nerve discontinuities and offer a restorable and semi-permeable encasement to facilitate nerve regeneration.
  • Generva protectors are designed to protect injured central and peripheral nerve regions and aid the tensionless self-curing process of the injured nerves, with the probability to wrap nerves from 2.0mm to 15.0 mm in diameter.
  • Generva pain-relievers are nerve guides and nerve protectors containing nerve relief factors, which reduce the patient’s pain during the nerve repair/regeneration.