Produce effective biotics or metabolites to increase the level of immunity in individuals

Development Stage: Product developed

Industry: Food and pharmaceutical industries

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With the spread of viral diseases and antibiotic resistance, such as coronavirus and existing similar conditions and possibly emerging infections globally and regional and endemic mutations of these viruses, different types of metabolites of native probiotic bacteria can be additional increase the level of immunity in individuals. By doing so, increases protection against them and regulates inflammatory responses in the body. Immunnodrop aims to produce nutraceuticals and medicines by separating herbal and bacterial exopolysaccharides. Since body immunity and its promotion is a strategic issue, and due to the bacterial origin of the product, while providing its products in the country, considered a high export potential for it. This startup identifies different bacterial and herbal species to produce effective biotics or metabolites used in various food products with other technological conditions. It uses the best of them in its final product formulation.