Aim to Isolating and identifying breast milk probiotic bacteria, to improve the food security of children’s functional foods, and even adults

Development Stage: Prototype developed

Industry: Food and pharmaceutical industries

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Human milk is the most natural and complete food, and there is much scientific documentation about its importance in the growth and nutrition of the baby. Breast milk is the main factor in the formation of the intestinal microflora of the baby. It contains a significant group of bacteria that the baby can use for bacterial therapy. The importance of native sources for isolation and the effect of probiotics as living drugs on epigenetic changes and the intestinal microbiome has been the subject of numerous R&D projects in recent years.

Today, due to the prevalence of uncontrollable diseases and the tsunami of antibiotic resistance, food development studies focused on improving the immune system and increasing the power of disease prevention have become more critical than ever. Although probiotics play an essential role in the development and commercialization of functional products, they face many challenges that they can overcome by entering the world of postbiotics.

Based on a decade of continuous R&D on functional biotics, Mowder startup has succeeded in isolating and identifying probiotic bacteria, relying on the safest and most compatible food source, “breast milk,” which is now ready to enter the functional foods product’s market. The startup has opened a gateway to a new world of children’s functional foods, and adults in order to improve food security. It has taken a practical step to improve the health level of society.