Preventing and curing diabetic neuropathy and microangiopathy

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Industry: Diabetic neuropathy

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Foot ulcers are among the most important disabling complications of diabetes mellitus. Foot ulcers often precede lower extremity amputation. Ulceration, infection & gangrene are the leading causes of hospitalization.

Normally 15% to 20% of diabetic patients will be hospitalized with a foot complication during the period of their disease.

Peripheral neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes which affects one of every three patients with type II diabetes.

Neuropathy and microangiopathy are fundamental predisposing factors to ulceration and amputation. Uncontrolled infection because of the lack of microcirculation usually leads to osteomyelitis and amputation.

Reestablishment of microcirculation is the essence of the successful treatment of diabetic ulcers.

Routine ulcer care is accompanied by a tremendous burden on the health care system and it costs billions of dollars every year.

During the last three decades, there were no advances in the field of diabetic neuropathy and microangiopathy.

NeuroCore is a unique topical curative composition which by affecting the action potential of the cell membrane stimulates neural signals and restores normal nerve conduction. Impaired microcirculation reestablishes rapidly and the process of wound healing will be the same as in a normal patient.

Absent Dorsalis Pedis pulsation would be exactly palpable after 5-7 days of topical application of NeuroCore and the wound healing process would be completed in about 2-4 weeks.

Diabetic neuropathy and microangiopathy are reversible and curable then diabetic ulcers would be easily treatable and preventable by topical application of NeuroCore.


Market Offering Details

  • Target Market(s)
    • Diabetes Centers
  • Value Propositions
    • The Only Certain Cure of Diabetic Neuropathy and Angiopathy In the World
    • Start of Clinical Effects in 1 Week
    • Complete Course of Treatment in Maximum 3 Months
    • Return of The Lost Sensation to The Limb Even After 10 Years
    • Return of The Tissue Heat In 1 Week
    • Return of The Lost Pulse In 1 Week
    • No Similar Method/Treatment in The World
    • Speeding Up the Treatment
    • Effective Recovery
    • No Side Effects and Pain
    • A Low-Cost Solution

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    • Kicking Off Clinical Trials
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    • Orange Accelerator B.V.
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