Bone substitutional pieces and injectable systems for bone regeneration (bone cement)

Development Stage: Clinical trial phase 1 and 2 finalized

Industry: Bone Tissue Engineering (BTE)

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Tissue engineering holds great promise to develop functional constructs resembling the structural organization of native tissues to improve or replace biological functions, with the ultimate goal of avoiding organ transplantation.

In tissue engineering, full differentiation and normal biological activity of the cells requires the possibility of their growth in a three-dimensional manner. As such, providing 3D scaffold with efficient porosity and pore size for freely and optimal cell migration is essential. OsteoGen has achieved practically what has been previously intended in tissue engineering literature.


OsteoGen supports osteogenic differentiation and bone tissue regeneration, even in osteoporosis condition. These products have excellent osteoinduction, osteoconduction, and osseointegration properties and it is possible to design samples according to any customized shape and size.

They are applicable for any osseous tissue: calvarias, tibia, maxillofacial, etc. and are drillable, and possible to be fixed with fixation devices and pins. Safety and biocompatibility have been clinically and scientifically proven. OsteoGen accelerates architectural bone formation by providing an osteoconductive and osteoinductive scaffolding and serves as a scaffold for bone deposition during the bone formation process. It is gradually resorbed and replaced with natural bone during the healing process. The relative slow resorption rate provides the mechanical stability of the augmented bone. OsteoGen is a combination of HA and calcium carbonate, with the homogenous distribution. With optimized morphology, porosity, and pore size, and compatible with the bone generating cells size, OsteoGen provides a favorable condition for vital bone growth.

Possessing the unique microstructure provides the possibility of the penetration of the biological fluid into the scaffold region within the first hours of implantation. With unique microstructure and crystal dimension that mimics natural bone, OsteoGen supports the formation of the natural osseous regions and the subsequent resorption.




OsteoGen offers a variety of advanced bone substitute products for a wide range of clinical conditions and surgical requirements.

  • Bone pieces are intended to be used as replacement for the lost osseous tissue.
  • Bone granule and powder are intended for use as bone void filler or augmentation material for use in periodontal or maxillofacial defects, etc.
  • Injectable Cement Paste and Bone Cement which is premixed before applying to defects.